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[IP] Low after changing site

Jessica was high, 341, after school yesterday so she bolused to bring it
down...pizza day at school :-)  When I got home she was still 338, so we
changed her site.  She bolused 1 unit, which should have brought her down to
138 and had a low carb dinner of Toaster Scrambles (breakfast for dinner is
popular at my house!) with a carb count of 28g for 2.  She bolused 1.4 for
them, her carb ratio in the evening being 1:20 and as a side note her high
bg bolus is 0.5 for every 100 points.  Anyway, she ate and went to bed to
read.  At 9 pm she came and gave me a good night hug and kiss and went back
to bed, got up a minute later and got her meter.  She said, Mom, I am still
too high.  Then she tested......26!!!!  I grabbed my coke and gave it to her
and immediately retested her while she drank 30!!!!  I got her a Nutrigrain
bar to eat also and sat with her on my bed while she ate and discussed her
boyfriend and upcoming field trip.  Not a glaze in her eyes nor a tremble in
her hands to give this low away!  After 15 minutes she retested at 107 and I
sent her to bed where I promptly broke down afterwards.  not looking for any
real answers I guess, she almost always goes low after a site change, just
needed to vent to people who understand.  Thanks for being there!

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 2 1/2 years & Jarred,

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