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Re: [IP] French Fries

Jim S. wrote:
 > > Can anyone explain me why boiled potatoes has a carb factor of 15%, 
and > French fries is 34%? > Isn't it just potatoes (& oil)? > >

Hirsch Meisels wrote:
 >>I'm guessing it's because french fries are "cooked more" and breaks down 
easier in the stomach. What is the carb factor for mashed or raw potatoes? 
(guessing higher for mashed and lower for raw) <<

Another possiblity is that most fast food places and many other restaurants 
soak the cut potatoes in sugar water before frying them.  This gives them a 
longer lasting, crispier crust and a nice brown color--and also a much 
higher carb factor.

As far as the cooking goes, I think Rabbi Meisels is right. I remember that 
on the exchange diet raw carrots were a free food, whereas cooked carrots 
were a 5% vegetable.
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