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Re: [IP] Re: lotsa leg pain-help!

On 15 Nov 2000, at 18:34, email @ redacted wrote:

>     I also suffered from leg pain (mostly in my right leg) for over 20 years, 
> then finally last year, I started having associated lower back pain. Come to 
> find out that I had a badly deteriorated disc in my back! After having that 
> disc removed and fused by an excellant spine surgeon, I am pain free!

Ya know, I was thinking of saying something about seeing a 
chiropractor or back specialist and wondered if I should..... guess I 

This past summer I had an event that left me with the worst 
migraine of my life.  It was so bad that it eventually took me to the 
emergency room the telephone advice nurse's recommendation.  
They did a cat scan and a bunch of neurological tests and 
WANTED to do a "lumbar puncture" (bad way of describing that 
procedure to a severe needlephobe, they should have used the old 
name of "spinal tap").  I refused, of course.  There was nothing in 
the cat scan and I'd passed all of the neurological tests so by then 
I just didn't believe I had meningitis or a brain bleeder.  I asked for 
some IV pain killer and just let me go home and suffer it out.

Next day, I went to a chiropractor who took a couple xrays, used 
electrodes to break up muscle spasms, popped my neck and back 
in a few places and within 1/2 hour the migraine was gone.  I saw 
him 3x a week for 2 weeks and now once or twice a month.  It's 
clear in the xrays that my neck doesn't have the bend in it that it 
should.  (I'd had whiplash twice as a teen and was never treated for 
it, it healed in the wrong positions.  This was not a surprise cuz I'd 
seen a chiropractor about 10 years earlier for similar problems).  I'll 
probably be seeing the chiro for a year, in the hopes we can get 
that bend back into my neck.  Probably won't be able to though.  
Well, as long as I can keep the bones from fusing together like my 
dad's did then I'll be better off.  I barter for the adjustments cuz I 
can't afford the costs.
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