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[IP] Kidney problems--please tell me it'll be OK

Hi all,

Just looking for reassurance tonight and a shoulder to cry on.

Things have been going pretty well diabetic wise since I started pumping in 
Feb '96. At that time I had just had my first disturbing 24-hour urine, with 
a microalbumin of 499.  After two months pumping it was 225, and continued to 
improve and the last several years has been between 3 and 56.  I have been on 
an ace inhibitor ever since.

I had my last 24-hour urine on Halloween and talked to the nephrologist today 
(he was on vacation, as usual), my microalbumin is up to 377.  I'm doing a 
re-test tomorrow.  My A1c's have been in the 5's and 6's since starting 
pumping and last one was 5.9.  I've been trying to get pregnant (maybe now 
not a good idea anymore) and had an x-ray test with a dye to check out tubes 
and uterus.  The dye they used is called Hexabrix.  The nephrologist said 
that could increase my protein levels.  Why didn't he tell me that BEFORE I 
did it, he knew I was going for it.  I tried to be so careful, checking 
everything out with Drs before procedures.  Maybe they just don't ever 
listen.  Now I'm wondering if he meant just temporarily, or did I damage my 
kidneys permanently?  I also came down with the flu the same day of the 
24-hour test, maybe that made it worse.

Sometimes I feel so awful, I'm trying so hard to take care of my dm as good 
as I can, and I thought was getting good results.  I guess I'll deal with 
whatever happens, but I feel so out of control.  I'd like to take a vacation 
from DM for just a few days . . . isn't that a nice dream.

Thanks for listening, and I'm sending my donation right now to Michael, cause 
I'm so glad that there's all you folks out there that know my fears, and care.

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