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[IP] Nombre de pump

>>	1. Tim D iabetic - Gizmo (blue MiniMed 508)
2. Amie - Christopher (gray MiniMed 507C)
3. Jenny Sutherland - Desa (swedish for dorothey, Clear Disetronic

(Please if you wish to participate enter in your name
followed by your pumps name in the above list.)		<<

I can't stand it. Maybe I have just had too much caffeine this
afternoon. I have been reading the last couple of digtests and have an
almost uncontrollable urge to "answer" a LOT of the posts.

This one, though, finally hit the button.

I am going to name my blue (and translucent white) Disetronic pumps



Of course our two hermit crabs are really going to be angry when they
find out I used THEIR names, too. They are very sensitive and I may need
to take them for a walk, just to calm them down once they find out that
I am going to call my pumps Fluffy too.

Nick Trubov
Fort Smith, AR
(That is Arkansas, of course, NOT Argentina)
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