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[IP] Extreme Highs from Cortizone? (trigger thumb)

Hey Listers,

I finally got to spend a bit of quality time this morning with an
orthaopedic surgeon to deal with the "trigger thumb" I asked the list about
a few months ago.  He did set me up for surgery over Christmas break (I have
a concert to play for in December, so I didn't want anyone chopping into my
hand until after that), & he went ahead & gave me a cortizone shot to ease
the movement/pain until then.  Both he & the prep-nurse warned me that this
would possibly elevate my bg's for a day or so.

My question, then:  How high is "elevated"?  This afternoon I felt high
(drymouth, icky...) & checked around 4:00, got a reading of 588 - bleagh!
Bolused 10 units, checked for ketones, made myself wait a while - at 5:00,
the meter read "HI" - over 600.  Bolused 6 more units, laid down because I
felt pretty wretched.  Got up at 6:00 - now at 518...bolused an additional 4
units.  Anyone who's had a cortizone shot...does this kind of elevation seem
normal, or extreme?  If this kind of thing seems extreme, I'm considering ER
tonite if I can't get it down...but I don't want to do that if this is just
a normal range for that kind of med to push you into.  Does anyone have
experience with this they are willing to share?

Many Thanks,
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