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[IP] Re: MM Pouch

what I said wasn't meant as an attack on MM or the  MM users and fans out 
there-everyone makes their own decisions as per which pump to go with, mine, 
a few short weeks ago was to go with Disetronic, and it was made after tons 
of research.  I agree-there is no one product in the world that does not come 
without problems.  (trust me I work for a wonderful manufacturer and 
occasionally there is an error or two-thank goodness we sell furniture:-)
I was breathing a sigh of relief(next time, due to your lengthy vent, I would 
be happy to do that silently, although I do believe our opinions are 
especially valuble to those exploring the pump as an option) as I made my 
decision for the Disetronic over the MiniMed(despite the fact that my MD only 
had patients on the MiniMEd)based on(not including  pump/computer functions):
1) individual comments and common problems posted in various areas
2) durability-maybe waterproof isn't a high priority for some, but for me it 
3) threaded caps over the reservoir
4) back up pump
why 2, 3, and 4? because I tend to run around alot and am accident prone, 
having those features has already saved me alot of time and anxiety. I also 
like the assurance that with a back up if something does happen to Pump #1, 
which as you so clearly stated, all pumps can have their problems, I don't 
have to switch back to MDI while I wait for my repaired pump.  I am avoiding 
returning to MDI with every part of my being-I never want to feel that way 

So yes I am happy that I chose the Disetronic HTRON. Now you have my reasons, 
and why I was so relieved-if I ever have a problem with my HTRON I will post 
it here for input.  If you have any additional questions or comments please 
email me privately.
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