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SNIP>>>>>Has anyone tried a weight loss program that worked in conjunction
with their
diabetes?  I'm looking for someplace that will give me weekly support like
Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, or whatever.  Anyone try any
of these or others and found that they've worked?  If I knew enough
overweight diabetics that lived in St. Louis, I would start my

When I started my pump at 20lbs overweight I gained 10 more pounds and the
Endo said he wasn't concerned because to get good control (which I have)
most people gain about 10-20 pounds.   Just what he told me. 

Diets...the bane of my existence!  I have been 20-30 pounds overweight since
the day I was born, as I have mentioned here before.   I have been on every
diet known to exist...legal and illegal.  I was on speed in college, then
after children were born took shots from a doctor which were made from urine
of a pregnant mare...(God only knows what that was...) I lost the weight,
but eventually gained it all back plus a little more.  Shortly after that
one, it was declared illegal.  I have been through hypnosis, Dexedrine,
grapefruits, rice, all of them.  I am built just like all of my dad's side
of the family.....heavy at the top and square jawed...the genes flow

My own experience is that NO SPECIFIC DIET WORKS!!!    The only way to lose
weight is simple.  Eat less, move more!!!

Of course, it is good to eat lots of fruits and veggies, but personally, any
diet that  restricts my desires for certain foods, won't last long with me.
I quit dieting about 15 year ago and just do my best to eat healthy foods in
reasonable portions.  I don't exercise enough, but I know if I do, some of
the pounds will come off.   At my age pounds that arrive are immediately
attached to the body with superglue!

As far as Diabetic diets, that is the good/bad with the pump.  You can eat
anything you want, as long as you bolus accordingly and you can eat anything
you want.  No more need for Diabetic Cookbooks!    

To lose weight, just eat healthy foods and exercise more.  Works for

Bonnie R. 
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