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[IP] Re: lotsa leg pain-help!

I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me (as this list has so many times
before). About 11 years ago, when I was in high school, I started having
leg pain on my upper left thigh. This pain would start whenever I stood
longer than 10 minutes. It starts to tingle, like severe pins and
needles, until it becomes so intense I begin to sweat from the pain and
HAVE TO sit down. Also, I have constant loss of feeling in a 3-4 inch
area there. At the time, I had been diabetic in tight control for 10
years. I saw a specialist who tested the area, said there was some type
of nerve damage, and he wasn't sure what caused it. He didn't think it
was neuropathy, but thought I had hit a nerve with an injection (which I
thought was far-fetched) or had hurt the nerve playing rugby (which I was
doing then). 

The pain has persisted for years, but not as bad as in the beginning. It
also occurred when I was low, and was a good signal for that. Since going
on the pump 2 years ago, it got better. BTW, every endo I've mentioned
this too had little idea what it was, didn't think it was neuropathy, and
they have all dismissed it. I've given it little thought until recently.
I'm now 6 months pregnant, and I think the baby is sitting on this nerve.
The pain is becoming intolerable. Again, I can't stand for more than 10
minutes w/o being in intensive pain. And when I do overstand, the leg
hurts all the time. 

Does this sound like neuropathy to anyone? Does it sound
diabetes-related? I'd like to see a specialist and get some pain relief
(Tylenol, et al. do nothing), but who would I see? And how do I get an
endo to take it more seriously? This has been a ten-year frustrating
experience, and the pain is really affecting me. 

Thanks for any help.
Maureen M. 

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