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[IP] diabetes,exercise & pumps

After 5 years of documentation I have discovered a lot about exercise,weight 
loss and the pump.  Just when I think I have got a system down pat, well 
something changes and screws it all up.  This is life for people with 
diabetes.  Diabetes is a very individualized disease.  It is impossible to 
take someone else's program and expect the same results.  All we can do is 
use ideas as a guideline and then tailor fit it to our needs, our bodies our 
lives.   Genetically, we are all very  unique. . .but there are certain 
guidelines to go by that can give us success.  I would like to share some of 
mine later.
   When starting the pump, I did gain weight.  The gain resulted from 
calories(especially carbs) that once were not utilized correctly from that " 
on again, off again blood sugar control", to calories that were processed as 
close to perfect as the pump can get, by maintaining good control.
   When I hear people talk of weight loss, diabetes and exercise, I feel the 
urge to share my experiences.  The keys to my success have been frequent 
blood sugar testing, determination and finally stopping using diabetes as an 
excuse for my short comings.  As a kid I was told that athletics, especially 
competitive ones should be put on the back burner.  I was told to focus on 
diabetes.  I am not so sure how focused I was.  It turned into hate.  That 
is what I did until 6 years ago.  I am now 31.  I have a degree in 
fitness/welness.   I compete in fitness, take gymnastics, educate others 
with diabetes to get fit with no excuses.

   After 5 years, here is some of my personal guidelines:
1.  To lose weight. . .exercise by doing cardio 5 days per week and lift 
weights.  Yes, even you girls.  You won't get manly.  I promise!  Lifting 
has been the best weapon against fighting fat.
2.  To lose weight, do cardio ,lift and . . .Eat. . .Yes eat.  eat 5 or 6 
meals.  I know as a diabetic on the pump you like the absence of snacking 
but for weight loss it is a good thing.
3.  The best ratio for me has been a 55%carb,30%protein and 15% fat split 
for my daily caloric intake.  I often use low glycemic carbs.  Your body is 
designed to utilize all three food groups.  I don't advise cutting anything 
out all together.  Shop the walls in the stores.  Next best thing to nature 
is the goal.  Stay away from refined sugar.  It is bad guy in fat loss.
4.  Throw away your scales and have your body fat measured.  Are you gaining 
fat or are you gaining muscle?  Muscle weighs more and takes up a lot less 
5.  Give it time.  We did not get fat or unfit over night.  Be dedicated and 
in time, weight loss will be permanent and fitness will be a great benefit.
Blood sugar testing guidelines:
I check one hour before a workout,right before, during if necessary, right 
after and then 2 hours after.  I adjust accordingly.  I am queen of humalog 
supplementation.  Be careful though.  Learn your insulin sensitivity.  The 
more muscle, the more sensitive.  Depending on your site of attachment and 
the type of exercise you do. . this to will affect blood sugars.  What 
doesn't though!!!!!
if I am 80 or below (2 carbs before) and gatorade throughout workout and I 
will detach from pump
        81 - 120  gatorade throughout and detach
        121- 150  gatorade and keep pump on
        151- 250  water, pump stays on and I run a little harder(you have 
room to play)
        251 & Above  I take supplemental insulin, wait until normal, and I 
keep an eye on how I feel.  You can end up sky high due to the liver 
releasing more glucose regardless of how hard you aerobisize.  You can also 
crash if you over supplement.  Not fun by the way.  If any of you need help. 
. .  you can e mail me at email @ redacted  I will do the best I 
        Stay fit- Kim Seeley

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