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Re: [IP] new pump start procedures?

> My endocrinologist is ordering a MiniMed pump for me (his
> preference) and says that the company rep will come to my house and
> teach me how to use it. He originally, several months ago, said I
> would also be hospitalized overnight to determine my basal rate.
> This last time he said nothing about that and I forgot to ask. I
> wonder if this method of teaching/learning (by company rep) is
> standard. I had thought a diabetes nurse would do it. I am a bit
> uncomfortable with someone coming to my house and doing this and I
> wonder if the company rep will cover all the things that a health
> professional would.

the rep is probably more knowledgeble than most diabetes 
professionals on the subject of pumps. When Lily started 7 years ago, 
a pump trainer came to our house and spent about an hour with her. A 
few days later we went to the doc and got about 10 minutes of his 
time and she was out the door LIVE. In the real world, the doc's, 
under pressure from the insurance industry, can not spend the kind of 
quality time with patients that is really required to do in-depth 
training, nor do they really have the time to learn the RECEIVE the 
training in many things including detailed pump operation. So unless 
your doctor happens him/herself to be a pumper, you are probably in 
better hands with a person intimately familiar with how you pump 
operates. Consider yourself fortunate to receive intensive training 
at all. Many people get the pump in a box, read the directions, watch 
the video, go to the doc to go LIVE and spend a few minutes with his 
diabetes educator (also short on time). A few states now have laws 
that require insurers to pay for diabetes education, but unless you 
are in one of these states and/or your insurance company is 
"enlightened", you get zip..... for training.

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