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Re: [IP] Pump and reversing complications

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have been on the pump for over a year and a halp.  I am very thankful that
> my better control over my blood sugars had completely reversed my neuropathy
> and protein in my kidneys.  Now, I am praying it will also help my eyes.
> Just before I got on the pump, I have been going through laser treatments and
> 2 vitrectomies.  I have had to drop out of college because my vision is just
> too bad and because of my intensive surgeries.  I think that the vessels are
> finally cooperating and going away.
>      I want to hear from others who have had success with better BG control
> and better vision.  I don't want to give up......I want my degree and I want
> to keep driving, and most of all, I want to read a book again.  If someone
> can give me any hope, please email me.
> Thank you,
> Ashley
> ----------------------------------------------------------
Ashley, I had laser surgery 22 years ago.  I wasn't in as bad a shape as
you, but I couldn't see well enough for a couple of months after it was
over to load my syringes, or read.  Things finally improved to the
extent my vision was as good as before with the exception I couldn't see
in the dark (now dim), and bright sunlight.  I did not have any bleeding
before the surgery.  The ophthomlogist told me he burned up a lot of the
retina.  He also sent me to Stanford where they burned some veins off my
optic nerves.  At the time they wee the only ones on the west coast that
had a machine that could do it.  Keep the faith!! (not necessarily
religious)  A good attitude will pull you through every time.
Bob Hemus  
p.s. You've probably got me beat for optimal age, too.  I was 42 at the
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