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[IP] Gaining weight

I too have gained about 10 lbs since starting on the pump a year ago Nov
3rd.  I already needed to lose 10 lbs so now my need to lose has doubled.  I
have tried Sugar Busters diet in the past and lost weight on that but found
it very difficult to stay on it.  Whenever I did eat carbs, it seemed I was
even more sensitive to them thus needing more insulin.  I also felt very
tired and I was always concerned about going to low at night since I live

I have recently joined a gym and am hoping that will help.  I'd really like
to find some program where I can get support.  It is so difficult to stick
with anything especially at this time of the year when people at work are
bringing in leftover Halloween candy, and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New
Years are approaching.  I also suffer from gastroparesis which always leaves
me feeling full, bloated and uncomfortable but somehow it doesn't stop me
from eating!

Has anyone tried a weight loss program that worked in conjunction with their
diabetes?  I'm looking for someplace that will give me weekly support like
Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, or whatever.  Anyone try any
of these or others and found that they've worked?  If I knew enough
overweight diabetics that lived in St. Louis, I would start my own.

Looking for any good suggestions.  Please email me directly if you email to
the list because I am on the digest version.

Thanks, Kathy Greifzu
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