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[IP] Earplugs vs Rx

SNIP>>>>>>Hubby said I need ear plugs, but
I am not sure that will help either.
I am wondering if Zanax would help me at this point, to calm down and get my
needed sleep.
Good luck to you <<<<<<<SNIP

Hey Lori!  
You were so kind to send me those Polyskin tapes.   They have been a big
help and my sils NEVER come undone now!  Thanks for your thoughtfulness.
I know, I know, I promised you a formal TY note.  Well, intentions always do
me in.  I have never been as busy in my life as I am now and my kids and
grandkids arrive next Wednesday and I am not ready ......

What I wanted to say is that I have used the earplugs, the little kind that
sort of mold to your ear that you get at the drugstore..they expand after
putting them in.  I LOVE THEM!     They turn everything into a kind of white
noise. Nice!  My personal feeling is that I would certainly give them a try
before putting another chemical in your body.  If they work, great.  If they
don't go to the next step.  

Sometimes I look at my bathroom counter with Insulin, Celebrex, hay fever
pills, pravachol, clonzapam, and estrogen pill bottles all lined up and I
think.....geez and I am not even old yet (am 59)!!!  I hate adding another
Good luck with the sleep problems!!
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