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Re: [IP] Re: fwd ow

On 15 Nov 2000, at 10:52, email @ redacted wrote:

> Sometimes it's tolerable, just an annoying kind of hurt.  Once, it 
> was so bad, I couldn't stand it beyond an hour.>>

> I thought it should never hurt too ( and I wish it didn't).  AFter always 
> changing it right away if it hurt going in, the D support person i talked to 
> had me try leaving it in 5-15 minutes before i decided whether to change it 

yeah, most have hurt for just a few minutes, but that bad one....  a 
whole hour, worse and worse and worse.  ouch.

> Does this person who says it never should hurt wear a pump herself 24/7??? 

Yes.  She has the translucent blue MM508 too!  :-)  (She said men 
all picked black, women & children all picked the blue, and very 
few are picking the "vanilla frappe")
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