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[IP] weight gain

i lost 8 pounds the first few months i was on the pump and another 5 or 6 
after my first trip to Europe on the pump.  The first 8 were lost becaue I 
wrote down every freaking thing that went in my mouth and the EXACT carb 
count, and bolused exactly for that amount, no rounding up to the nearest 
whole unit...I did not like writing down "entire bag of Fritos - 87 carbs" so 
I did not eat them.

The additional weight I lost in Europe was because I was walking and hiking 
all over, carrying a heavy back pack...I was able to turn my basals WAY down, 
and did not have to eat massive amounts of pastry and chocolate to keep my 
bgs up...And the pastry and chocolate I DID eat replaced other meals, so in 
essence I was still not outeating my caloric requirements...which is the only 
way to lose (note spelling) weight. 

If one gains weight on the pump, it is most likely cuz one is eating more 
than one needs to haul oneself out of bed, shower, go to work, read the paper 
and watch tv.  THough I must say, I still don't know what this ONE's fat 
problem is....I don't eat more than I need, in fact, the doctor thinks I 
don't eat enough....tell THAT to my butt...

Sara SP (who wants to LOSE (rhymes with OOZE) some weight so her pants are 
LOOSE (rhymes with GOOSE) - they are two different words...and are NOT 
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