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Re: [IP] Re: fwd ow

>   She said it should *never* hurt.
> And she couldn't explain why 3 of my 7 sites have hurt.  I asked, if
> the Micro QR was too short and didn't go all the way down to fat,
> would it hurt then?  she didn't know.

I am using the micro quick release also. I am 5'8" and weigh 128. I have
some discomfort (occasionaly) on site change. But it goes away. I have had
few sites that remained....sore(?) but nothing that I thought required a
change. I have thought that the discomfort I feel for an hour or two after
site change is just the shock/pressure or whatever of the soft serter
shooting that needle. But it seems to get better after a bit.
I don't think your sites should "hurt" and was told if you can feel them,
after changing..., and giving it a bit of time, they are inserted wrong. I
just don't know
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