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[IP] Wombn: Re-Micros

Hi there:  We too had trouble with the micros hurting every time.  My
son is 4 and of course quite lean. He had redness and bumps and swelling
after every set change..lots of oozing sites I found.  He still has the
scars and one bump left from 2 months ago!  We were recommended by other
pumper Moms to switch to Silouettes as they can be inserted so
differently.  Not straight in, slid in under the skin.  It is daunting
at first but I promise you that they must not hurt at all as we have
never had another sore site, or bump or open hole. Never have I seen
even a scar afterwards. We also had a lot of trouble with the Micros
coming out as they are so short.  We have had 1 blowout with the Sils,
but our little guy and his Dad wrestle too much for my liking!

Take care and know that there are other options...
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