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[IP] Re: fwd ow

  She said it should *never* hurt.  
And she couldn't explain why 3 of my 7 sites have hurt.  I asked, if 
the Micro QR was too short and didn't go all the way down to fat, 
would it hurt then?  she didn't know.

I'm using Minimed 508 with Micro QR (cuz I'm 5'8" and 120 lbs).

There's no redness on the skin, so it's not adhesive allergy.  It's 
only right where the cannula goes in.

The quick connect joint tends to scratch a lot too, but that's no the 
big problem.

Sometimes it's tolerable, just an annoying kind of hurt.  Once, it 
was so bad, I couldn't stand it beyond an hour.>>
I thought it should never hurt too ( and I wish it didn't).  AFter always 
changing it right away if it hurt going in, the D support person i talked to 
had me try leaving it in 5-15 minutes before i decided whether to change it 
or not.  So far that has worked.  It's been only 1 time the pain was BIG and 
I changed it immediately.  The other times it went from uncomfortable to 
hurting some and the pain quit within that time limit.  As to why it hurts, I 
don't know.  I think it has something to do with the angle i get it in.
Anyway, i'm doing some better, I was had actually changed the thing 4x in a 
row(within 5 min.) before i got this advice.
Does this person who says it never should hurt wear a pump herself 24/7??? 
I think all of our experiences are going to be some different.
Hope this helps.
Faith type 1 19 years, pumping since 8-21-00
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