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[IP] Re: question about glucophage

Insulin is a fat building hormone, if one has insulin resistance, one is
taking more insulin, to overcome the resistance.  "More insulins means more
weight", And since excess insulin causes insulin resistance, the more you
take, the more you'll need.   Glucophage works by making the body's tissues
more sensitive to injected or self-made insulin. As it takes less insulin to
accomplish our goal of blood sugar normalization, you'll have less of this
fat-building hormone circulating in your body.   "Less insulin means loosing
I talked to my dr about this yesterday because it seems i am becoming more 
sensitive to carbs and more insulin resisitant as i am getting older.
She said there are no studies that prove an advantage to type 1's to take an 
oral as well as the insulin.
She suggested calling type 1's who become insulin resistant type 1X.  It's 
different from type 2's because i am not making any insulin of my own.
I find the whole thing confusing.  I just know I keep taking more and more 
insulin and it is getting harder and harder to lose weight.  Maybe I should 
just cut my carbs in half and eat more protein and fat???  I don't know what 
to do.
Faith type 1 19 years, pumping since 8-21-00
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