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[IP] Reminder: no pump is better than another

For every story of a disetronic failing, I have an equal story of a
Minimed failing.  If you have an error or a problem, feel free to share
it.  However, messages of the sort "****MY**** pump would never do that
because it is the OTHER brand" are completely inappropriate, if not,

The truth of the matter is that electrical devices are not perfect;
there will be problems.  By association with both this list, and through
working at camps for children with diabetes, I have heard more horror
stories than you can imagine, most of which came from pump

There is no perfect pump, there is no better pump; there may be a
"perfect" pump for YOU.  Please try to refrain from pump bashing - a
pump is a pump is a pump, and a carb is a carb is a carb.

Susan Fisher, one of the List Admins
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