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[IP] exercising when high/with bolus

Exercise is like a catalyst to insulin.  A general rule is to only bolus
for 50% of the high if you are going to immediately follow it with
exercise.  When you cause your blood sugar to drop from 480->100, that
is a 300 pt difference in a matter of 30 minutes.  Your body was
basically revolting, saying WHOA!  DROPPING TOO FAST!!!

It's like having a severe low from your body's point of view, thus the
dizziness, confusion and passing out.  You also may have been dehydrated
from the high, which would just make you feel worse.  

In my eyes, nothing out of the ordinary happened here - it was just a
bad set of circumstances (bolusing too much before exercise, exercising
while high and dehydrated, dropping too fast).  Just be conservative
with pre-exercise boluses OR head the advice of not exercising when

Hope you are feeling better!

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