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RE: [IP] Gaining weight

On 15 Nov 2000, at 8:37, Lea Idlewine wrote:

> My endo has suggested the "cheaters" way of losing weight with a pump is to
> go back over the history of the previous 5 days (that's what my MiniMed
> stores) and find the average.  Then, try to cut back the insulin usage by
> 10-12%. 

ACK!  without reducing the carb amounts as well?  So your BGs 
would go up?

I don't know how people feel about this topic on *this* list or if 
you've had big ol' long debates about it or not, but......  I have to 
toss it out there anyway.  Low carb.  <flinch-cringe>

My mom's doc put her on Atkins last month and she's already lost 
20 lbs.  And he took her off her blood pressure medication.  And 
me, I can't gain a single pound when I lo carb for BG control (and 
I'm still underweight)
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