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Anita wrote:

>>Before I recieved my pump I had been having mood swings with my high and
bg's. Now that I have been on the pump and my blood sugars have regulated I
am unable to sleep and am having even more severe mood swings (apparently
from the inability to sleep). What I want to know is if anyone on the list
has experienced anything like this? If so, what the hell can I do about it.
I should also add that my diabetes has not been controlled in a very long


I have found in my 20 years of D that my body will become "accustomed" to
the level of control that I have achieved. For example, when I am poorly
controlled I will feel hypo sometimes in the 120 - 130 mg/dl range. When my
control is tight, my body will tolerate MUCH lower bg's before feeling hypo.
When I feel hypo, I DEFINITELY have trouble sleeping (afraid of a
hypoglycemic emergency while sleeping, as I live alone). It will likely take
some time before your body adjusts to the better control possible on the
pump, but there IS light at the end of the tunnel as you will be better off
in the long run.

Todd Merkle
dx'd 1981, pumper 9/98
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