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[IP] I need the support, don't you?

Greetings all.  I am re-writing this message as it got lost in cyberspace,
so it won't be as good as the first one, but I will try my best.
I am not begging, nor pressuring, so please don't take it that way, but I am
asking nicely, if everyone can try, just try, to make a donation to the
list, for my sake and yours.  I need this list, and even though I don't know
a darn one of you in person, I need you too.  I need the support that you
all offer, no matter what you write about.  I use every last email to learn
from, and in learning I can help others in the same boat.  I realize not all
of you on here can make donations, and I totally understand that.  And
before I get flamed for  being the owner of a company and trying to push
others into donating, I personally make my regular donations to the list
when I can.  Its just a quirk I have, owning a business, its not my fault!!
<vbg>  But I do need this list as I stated, because it makes me feel like a
normal, real person.  I do not know anyone else with a pump, except one
person in  Tahiti, and its kind of hard to talk with him, he is on a cruise
ship 7 months out of the year!  So I talk to all you wonderful folks, and I
feel like I am understood.  Granted I am married, to a wonderful brilliant
man, but he doesn't and cannot understand some of what I feel, as he is not
diabetic too.  But you all do, and I truly appreciate that.  When  a digest
doesn't come for  a day, I start stressing!  I love reading all your posts,
and feel better after I do.  Its like I have an extended family of 2900
brothers and sisters!  (Sorry, I am not buying ALL of you Christmas
ifts!!  )
Anyway, if you have ever received support from anyone on the list, won't you
please donate, if even $5 is all you  can afford?  Many times I have not
freaked out when something ahs happened to me or my pump, because of YOU,
yes YOU, I am pointing my finger at YOU.  YOU have helped me keep calm and
finish cleaning the blood from my gusher, YOU have helped me with a site
infection, YOU have helped with bubbles, etc.  And for that I thank YOU.
But most of all, I thank Michael for having the patience and the brilliance
to create this wonderful list, for supporting us ALL.
I now concede the presidency of the great US of A.  Thank you.  :)\
Please donate if you are able.
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted
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