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Re:[IP] new pump start procedures?

In a message dated 11/14/2000 9:33:18 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Could someone tell me if these 2 procedures (pump instruction & basal
rate determination) are common or unusual? What is the "typical" way to
get a person started on the pump--that is most useful? Thank you >>

When I got my MM pump in Oct, I was trained in two sessions with the MM rep. 
First at her home, where we connected the pump with saline, and the following 
week in my Endo's office where Humalog was put in. The rest of that day and 
night, I had to test bgs every 2 hours to determine my basals. Then, the rest 
of the week I had to fine tune the basals.

It sounds like what they are telling you is the same as what I had.

Susan M
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