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[IP] The Battery Cat & Mouse Game (AKA This Battery Just Won't DIE But I Am Getting The Alarm Anyway!)

Okay, it is a little later than 5am and I am getting
confused, upset, mad and worried.......

A little after 12am, my pump started that annoying,
insistent beeping from an alarm.  (That alone is
enough to drive someone crazy!)  Anyway, it was an
Error 03.  I screamed.  Why, you ask?  Well, I had
just put in a battery in there on the 10th of this
month.  (5 days, a new record for me!)  Grrrrrrrrr!  

Anyway, I got out my battery key and another battery. 
But, before I went to change it, I followed the
manual's instructions and double checked the voltage
of the battery by placing my pump in "stop" and then
"run."  When I did that, no alarm.  

Since there was no alarm, I figured it was just a
fluke and that my alarm was more like low voltage
alarm (or as I like to call it,
alarm) rather than a dead battery alarm because this
has happened before and the battery usually dies
within the next 24 hours.  No problems, right??? 
(Well, you all know that answer because I am posting

I couldn't sleep because my stomach was upset.  So,
while I was in the bathroom a little later than 4am
this morning, my pump started beeping AGAIN...... 

I checked it, and of course, the alarm was an Error
03.  Right then, I was very happy that the pump was
still in "run" and that it would still give me my
insulin until I could leave.  (I don't know about the
MiniMed pumps, but if one of my batteries dies and the
other one has enough power, the pump will still give
you your insulin until you can put a new one in.)

So, after I was able to leave, I got out my battery
key and new battery and started the whole process over
again.  Like I did before, I checked the voltage (even
though I figured it was definetly gone), and I got an
alarm.  So far, so good!  So I took the old battery
out.  (Please note, my pump was in "run" while I
changed the battery.)   When I had finished putting
the new battery in, I put the pump in "stop" and "run"
to check the voltage for this new battery.         

Here's the weird part: I got an alarm!  You guessed
it, Error 03!  Grrrrrr!  Surprised, I took the battery
half-way out and put it all the way back in, in case I
didn't get it in far enough.  I STILL got that blasted

I then remembered some of you who had mentioned that
your batteries had been dead from the start, so I took
it back out.  I then decided to put the old one back
in.  (Don't ask me why, I think I wanted it to redeem
itself or something.)  Anyway, when I did the voltage
test and put the pump back in "run," I didn't get an
alarm!  HUH??????????  WHY WON'T THIS BATTERY
DIE???????  (Let me tell you, this is a CRUEL game of
"cat and mouse" I am experiencing!)  

I KNOW I didn't mix up the two batteries or accidently
let the two of them touch each other because I placed
the original at arm's length away from me before I
even took the new battery out of the package.  

So, now I am confused and worried.......  Confused
because I don't know whether I can trust this battery
or not.  For those who have experienced this, this IS
a battery problem rather than a pump problem, right? 
(Right now, I wish this pump had a self-test that I
could do without changing the number of units in my
cartridge, but at the same time be "stronger" than the
self-test it does whenever it switches modes.)  

Should I just leave the original battery in like it is
now?  Should I check that new battery again?  Or
should I put a DIFFERENT new battery in?  I can hear
the pump giving me my insulin as I am writing this,
but that paranoia of DKA is running very strong right

I want to go to bed (for those measly 4 or 5 hours
that I can sleep), but I am worried/afraid the alarm
will go off and I will sleep through it.....  (I once
overslept a temporary basal alarm over the summer and
haven't quite gotten over it.)  *Sigh*

Any info you can provide would be very helpful! 
Thanks in advance for all your help!

Pump hugs, 

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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