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Re: [IP] (Fwd) ow.

On 14 Nov 2000, at 22:30, Kathy Trondsen wrote:

> puppy -- the long insertion needle looks _scary_,  but once I worked myself
> up to it it was about the same sensation going in as the SoftSets with the
> Softserter.

I can't even contemplate anything that doesn't use a SofSerter-type 
device.  My phobia's far too intense for anything else.

Before the pump, on needles, I was only able to do injections the 
normal way for 4 days (9 injections) before I became suicidal.  Had 
to use other methods. (GentleJet and Autoject 2).

Just thinking about it is making my hands sweat profusely.  Brain 
won't hold the thought.

I hope I can find enough good sites for the rotation needs.  

If I could handle the concept of tattooing, I'd tattoo the good sites 
so I could find 'em again later!  :-D
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