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Re: [IP] new pump start procedures?

On 14 Nov 2000, at 20:54, NAJE wrote:

> My endocrinologist is ordering a MiniMed pump for me (his preference)
> and says that the company rep will come to my house and teach me how to
> use it. He originally, several months ago, said I would also be
> hospitalized overnight to determine my basal rate. This last time he
> said nothing about that and I forgot to ask. I wonder if this method of
> teaching/learning (by company rep) is standard. I had thought a diabetes

I don't know what's standard and what's not.

> nurse would do it. I am a bit uncomfortable with someone coming to my
> house and doing this and I wonder if the company rep will cover all the
> things that a health professional would. 

I'm assuming the person who you refer to as the company rep is 
the pump trainer?  If so....  mine was a CDE nurse.

I liked having her come to my house.  I could be more relaxed at 
my own kitchen table than I could in a doctor's office.  Of course, 
we had to rush around and clean house at the last minute. :-)

Bruno-the-dog liked have her there too.  It was his opinion that she 
was there to throw his ball for him.  The goofball.  :-)

> Could someone tell me if these 2 procedures (pump instruction & basal
> rate determination) are common or unusual? What is the "typical" way to
> get a person started on the pump--that is most useful? Thank you.

I don't know what's most typical.  I don't know why anyone would 
need to be in the hospital overnight to get the basals set right.  But 
maybe my case is just easier.  I don't know.
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