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[IP] I thought diabetes...continued

Hello Listers--

Looks as if I will be having major surgery to remove the malignant
tumor.  From there a vaccine will be made from the tumor and I will be
reinjected with it.  Click on the following link for more information
about a clinical study which has been taking place at Thomas Jefferson
University Hospital in Philadelphia. Traditional therapy for metastatic
melanoma of chemotherpy has not been very sucessful in the past and this
looks somewhat promising. 


I'm quite nervous about the surgery which will take place next week. It
will be extremely painful for a few weeks.

 I had somewhat of a heated discussion with the surgeon yesterday whom
insist I disconnect from my pump for surgery. He wanted me to go back on
shots for the day.  I attempted to convince him my bg's could be
controlled more accurately with the pump but he was not convinced and
stated more than once it was not that important to keep my numbers
within a acceptable target in my mind of 130 to 180.  [He's nuts IMO]
Anyway just I thought I had lost this battle I met today with the
anesthesiologist whom will be working my case.  He agreed with me after
some conversation that the pump will be left in place and I will give
him some instruction prior to surgery with my unit/ratio. 

Its going to be a long few week folks but I will somehow get through it.
Thanks again for the support.

Mark Capozzoli
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