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[IP] interesting day

 Yesterday I was at work and I decided to skip lunch,later around 2:20 I
decided to stop at a fast food restrauant.I ate a cheeseburger with
everything and a diet drink. I then bolused 4 units. I then went to my
cardiac rehab exercise session. Whwn i arrived I checked my bg it was 487. I
then bolused 6 units to bring it down.I then did my pressures and pulse and
my stretches,then I started on the airdyne bicycle fo 10 minutes,then din my
pressures and pulse again,and started my 10 minutes on the treadmill,then I
did my pulse and pressures again then went to start on the ube machine.
Before I could even start I started caughing yhen everything started to
spin,and I fell to the floor unconcious hurting my head on the floor and
biting my toung badly.  The nurses helped revive me and went to transport me
to the er{lucky I exercise at the hospital $15.00 a month for heart
patients}I asked to check my bg my accucheck complete showed 119.  At the er
they did enzyme,bg,chest xray,ekg and cat scan on the head.  they told me
their test on bg showed 55. That didnt seem right so they checked with their
accucheck advantage and there was a 20 point difference between my complete
and theirs.  They had a diabetic educator come to the er and she did a
control on my meter then we checked against one that she brought and their
was a 30 point difference.  Yet with the control solution my meter showed
correct calabration.  Later that evening i called accucheck and they are
sending me another meter and they will check out mineI really learned how
meters and pumps work together especially during exercise Has any thing like
this ever happened to any of you?               Mike Paul
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