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[IP] Priming a SIL (Liz etc.)- 1.0 units?

<<Hi again! Just checked my Silhouette pamphlet that comes in each box and 
it too says that for the 23" that I am using you are to prime 1.0 unit. >>

I think I see where the confusion is occuring, Shelly.  The Silhouette 
pamphlet says that you should prime the 23" tubing approximately 10 
units.  When you do that prime, you should not be connected to the 
pump.  What you want is to make sure that you can see insulin dripping out 
the end of the connector needle.  Then, you connect to the pump and prime 
an additional amount ( I use 0.7 to 0.8) to fill the empty space in the 

In the Silhouette pamphlet, this is the wording at the end of section B:

It is generally advisable to administer a bolus of at least 0.0075 cc (for 
insulin: 0.5-1 unit of U-100) to fill the empty space in the cannula after 
the introducer needle is withdrawn."

Note that the recommended 0.0075cc of insulin is 0.75 units.
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