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Re: [IP] interesting day

Mike wrote:

Hi,I had an interesting day yesterday,I was at work and I did not feel like
eating lunch,so i waited until 2:20 to eat, I went to a fast food place and
got a small cheeseburger with everything and a diet drink,I bolused 4 units.
I went to my cardiac cehab session at the hospital. I checked my bg when I
arrived and it was 487 on my accu check complete.  I gave myself 6 units of
bolus to get it down.  I did my stretches and pressures and started on the
airdynebicycle for 10 minutes,then I took my pulse and pressuers again,then
went to the treadmill for 10 minutes,then I checked pulse and pressures
again the went to start on the ube machine.  Before I sat down I started to
cough  and everyrhing started to spin and the next thing I knew I was being
helped off the floor by the nurses.

A couple of things that might have been going on that occur to me ...

If I'm over 260 before exercise, I've been told rather emphatically _not_ to
exercise.  The reason for this was given that exercise can make your liver
release more glucose than your muscles can use with too little insulin
available to them, and you can exercise yourself into ketoacidosis (not to
mention the dehydration factor, which becomes worse with exercise).  This is
what I was told even if I wasn't showing ketones with the high BG, and goes
double if I am.  This is obviously not what happened to you here, but it
seemed worth mentioning ...

It's hard to know what happened to you without knowing where you were before
the meal, but two possible scenarios are that the 487 was a meter error, or
you might have gotten given sugared instead of diet soda at the
fast-foodery.  If the former is the case, it would explain what the 6u. +
exercise did to your BG.  If the soda was at fault, you may have caught it
before your 4U really got to work, and the 6U + exercise caused you to crash
(at that point, if I'm calculating the unused insulin thing right, you had
at least 8U hitting you as you exercised).  It is also possible that the 119
on the way to the er was an erroneous reading on the meter caused partly by
doing testing on the fly as it were.  If my BG is actually low, the
probability of operator error goes way up.

Of course, YMMV on all of this.  I'm glad you are getting a new meter, in
any event.  You may want to check with your Dr about the exercise thing,

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen
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