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[IP] Disetronic tubing security blanket

> Asking about priming the D.  If you auto prime the D (this is the only
> it automatically uses 20 units. The D then shows that you have 295 units
> your catridge instead of 315. When the cartridge is empty, you receive an
> alarm that tells you that all you have left is the 20 units in the tubing.
> You can choose to use that 20 units. This means no waste.

I generally do not change tubing at the same time as I am changing
cartridges...so when I program in the new cartridge, I show 315 units, & the
insulin I have in the tubing is in addition to that.  When I do change
tubing, I am usually mid-cartridge, so my prime amount comes out if that.
Having the 315 plus the extra buffer of the tubing amount feels to me kind
of like filling up the gas tank in the car, & knowing that your tank allows
a bit of surplus beyond "E"...just sort of a comforting safety net if you do
get "way down there" inadvertently.

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