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Re: [IP] Question - Rapids

On 13 Nov 00, at 17:21, Andrew Aronoff wrote:

> Hi, Jackie.
> >I have read some letters saying I think, you can suck the insulin back 
> >into the cartridge by pulling back on the plunger thing.  Every time I try 
> >that the plunger snaps out of the cartridge.

Is it the plunger snaps out of the cartridge, or the piston rod snaps out 
of the plunger?  Replace the piston rod with the original rod that screws 
into the plunger, the same rod that is originally installed in the plunger.  
That will allow you to draw back the insulin.

> The insulin can easily be sucked back into the cartridge if you use an 
> infusion set with a quick disconnect. If the Rapids you use have one, try this:

If you have Rapids with a disconnect, tell me how you got them through 
Customs.  The only place they are available now is in Germany and I've 
wondered about "importing" them.

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