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Re: [IP] interesting day

Kimberly wrote:
> Hi,I had an interesting day yesterday,I was at work and I did not feel like
> eating lunch,so i waited until 2:20 to eat, I went to a fast food place and
> got a small cheeseburger with everything and a diet drink,I bolused 4 units.
> I went to my cardiac cehab session at the hospital. I checked my bg when I
> arrived and it was 487 on my accu check complete.  I gave myself 6 units of
> bolus to get it down.  I did my stretches and pressures and started on the
> airdynebicycle for 10 minutes,then I took my pulse and pressuers again,then
> went to the treadmill for 10 minutes,then I checked pulse and pressures
> again the went to start on the ube machine.  Before I sat down I started to
> cough  and everyrhing started to spin and the next thing I knew I was being
> helped off the floor by the nurses.  Fromwhat they say I became unconsious
> and when I fell I banged my head on the floor and really bit into my toung.
> I was wheeled to the er. on the way to the er I checken my bg on my meter
> and it was 119, which is a good range. At the er they did enzymes and ekg
> and plazma bg and the did chest x-ray and cat scan on head injury.  They
> told me there test on bg came to 55.  We tested my complete against the
> hospitals advantage and there was a 20 point difference, the er staff had
> one of the diabetic educators come over with a meter and we checked again
> and it was 30 point difference.Last night I called accucheck and they are
> sending me another one.meters and pumps need to work together.   Has
> anything like this ever happenend to any of you?      Mike Paul


I lost track of what range your BG was when there was a 30 pt

>From what I remember all meters need to be plus/minus 15% of what the
"real" BG is and on the same meter closer than 20% difference between

That being said your 487 reading could have had as much as a 140 pt
difference between different meters... and less that 95 pts difference
between tests...

And all the meters could be working correctly..... Scary thought if we
are "striving for perfection" in our diabetes "control"....

Makes me wonder why there are so few posts about feelings related to
diabetes on mailing lists..... (...oops, must not bring up controversial
issues like feelings)

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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