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[IP] freestyle meter

I've been using the freestyle meter for 1 week now. I used to use the 
fasttake and the profile before that.  I like that it requires only a small 
amt of blood. You can use the forearm, too.  I personally don't mind using 
my fingertips, but being able to use the forearm does come in handy.  If I'm 
testing in the car after eating something and don't have anything to clean 
my hands with, I use the forearm. It doesn't hurt, but then again, I don't 
think using fingertips really hurts either.  I checked and found I get the 
same number whether it's the forearm or fingertips. It says it takes an avg 
of 15 seconds to give you the bg number, with it taking longer the higher 
the bg is.  I've found that it usually takes less than that.  Sometimes like 
5 seconds, especially if I'm in the <90 range.  And when it takes a while, 
well then I know it's going be higher than I want. I don't think it's ever 
been more than 15 seconds since I've been using it. The reason I switched to 
the freestyle is that I have new insurance that makes me pay more for 
Lifescan products. I get the cheaper copay with freestyle (and some other 
meters).I took a look at the new meters out there and decided the freestyle 
would be fun to try. So far, so good.
Just thought some people would like to know.

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