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No Subject

<<Hi Liz: That is amazing, .7 or .8? In both my MM books I am told to prime 
1.0 units to fill the cannula? I bet that .3 of a differnece would help 
with the lows? Do you have highs after or just right on? I ask because we 
are 3 month newbies and I want to be sure the cannula will fill on the .7 
or .8? Let me know? (SUch an easy solution though...) Thanks a million!, 
Shelly >>

Hi Shelly,

I don't have highs after changing a site.  The 0.7 to 0.8 prime works just 
right for me.  I don't know what MM book you're referring to, but I get my 
directions from inside the box of Silhouettes.


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