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Re: [IP] MM Pump Overdosage

In Replay to both Susan and Notha:
> > This is really scary! I have a potentially silly question though: 
> > one hear the telltale "clicking" sound the pump makes when delivering, 
> > can the lead screw rotate (and therefore deliver) without making the
> >
> > Susan R.
>Maybe I need to pay closer attention, but I have found after 5 weeks of
>pumping..most of the time I don't even notice my "clicking" I do when I 
>a bolus, but I wonder if my pump sent an overdose, would I notice a
>continous clicking. Surely I would with a bolus of 10 units etc? But I have
>become use to this, and depending on where I am wearing the pump, how well
>it is covered, I don't always notice the clicking.
>Did you notice a period of clicking when you caught this error?

I think he said the he receive an overbolus of 85 units because the tip of 
his reservior caught on to something and opened the cover on his pump which 
may have pushed the plunger of the reservoir causing the over delivery - the 
pump was operation ok and did not register the bolus only because the pump 
didn't overdeliver.

did I explain the correctly?

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