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[IP] MM Pump Overdosage

> It all happened on the big day! Nov. 11 my first Pump Anniversary:
> After seeing in the IP that the MM Pump did over deliver for someone by
> itself, I decided to check my pump, according to the pump it still had 206
> looked at the reservoir it had only 120 units, Hey! It's missing """85"""
> units [Eighty Five], What?!!!! what's my next step? I started making
> calculations if 1 unit dropped me about 40 points, then am I going to drop
> 3200? [Three thousand two hundred]. If I use 1 unit for 8 grams carb, so I
> need 680 gr? [Six hundred eighty], called a friend, gave me a good idea
> to drink grape juice, & go have a good party, By that time I couldn't
> of any more food, my stomach was bursting!
This is really scary! I have a potentially silly question though: wouldn't
one hear the telltale "clicking" sound the pump makes when delivering, or
can the lead screw rotate (and therefore deliver) without making the sound?

Susan R.

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