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[IP] Re: MM pouch--overdelivery (Hirsch

Marilyn asked:
<<<What do you mean?  Did the door open and the reservoir was hanging out?
a horrible day you had!  Thank G-d you were able to handle the whole
situation without going to the ER for an IV.  To avoid this from
is the solution to wear the leather case to keep the door from opening?!>>>

Shelly asked:
<<<When you mentioned the MM users should wear their pouch why is that? To
hold the back door closed? Were you wearing your pump without any
protection on it? How could the over-delivery happen do you think?  The
reservoir being banged around loose? Just wondering as I pictured all
this overdelivery happening via an internal pump error, and was
wondering why no-one seemed to notice a long succession of "clicks?"
Please let us know your theory so we can be even more alert?

Thanks and hopefully you are feeling better...Does this bother you or
give you a lack of trust in your pump now? or do you chalk it up to an

I was wearing my pump without any protection, [without clothing], & the door
opened & the reservoir fell out, & pushed itself into something, that's what
I assume.  It was not an internal error, because the pump said I still have
206 units.  With the case or a tight rubber band it cant open.

I still trust my (new soon to be arrived) pump, I feel that something was
loose with mine, It doesn't bother me, because we have an option wear a

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Co-Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association

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