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[IP] More pregnancy update and other stuff

I'm a dummy--I've been thinking I was already 12 weeks.  Then I look back, and
realize that I was only 8 wks and 2 days on Oct. 20.  Unless I skipped a week
somewhere, I can't possibly be 12 wks yet.  Wishful thinking I guess.
I go to my ObGyn on Friday and will check out the whole artificial sweetner thing
then. I don't know what I will do without my one daily Diet Coke.  I need the
caffeine.   Arrgghhh.
My heat has been out for a few days while I wait on a part to come in, and it's
cooold here in KY. I broke down and slept under an electric blanket last night.
I'm not sure that was good for the baby either--but I can't sleep when it's under
50 degrees in my house. I had to use strict mind control to make myself shower this
morning. I suppose I should buy a space heater or two, but my wiring is old, and I
am afraid of fires because I saw a neighbor's house burn down due to a faulty
heater when I was a child.  I'm going to call and jump on the repair guy today and
hopefully get this thing fixed. Central heat and air--blessing and curse.
Oh, about the hair thread that is going around--I wish I had flat hair!  I've been
diabetic since right before my ninth birthday, a little over fourteen years now,
and I've had the frizziest, wildest hair of any human alive all my life. If it
rains, I'm doomed. I call it my "naps" as in nappy hair.  Another YMMV thing I

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Shivering, shivering, shivering

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