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Re: [IP] Question - Rapids

In a message dated 11/12/00 9:55:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I use the rapids with my Disetronic pump and I hate to have to throw away 
 insulin left in the tubing every 3 days.
 I have read some letters saying I think, you can suck the insulin back into 
 the cartridge by pulling back on the plunger thing.  Every time I try that 
 the plunger snaps out of the cartridge.
 Can someone explain it to me again? I'm a detail person so please explain 
 Did I see where the d/c rapids will be available for sale in a week?
 Thanks.........Jackie Pearce >>
Jackie I also use Rapids and I would guess if you cut the tube at the needle 
end you would be able to remove the remaining insulin. I would guess there is 
a valve in the rapid so it will only let the insulin go one way. When you 
remove insulin from one place to another you must replace the insulin or you 
have a vacum.I may be wrong but it is the best I can think of. Please let me 
know if it works as I also hate to throw away 15 to 20 units at  each set 
change. Roger C (dx 47 pm 00)
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