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Re: [IP] Poll: WHat do you take for a low??

On 12 Nov 2000, at 21:55, Todd & Shelly Tyler wrote:

> Hi there:
> I am always looking for a new way to treat my 4 year old's lows when he
> has one. 

> Any other ideas?  At present I always carry around a
> juice box, or we have cake icing tube (small), glucose tabs...Just
> looking for some of your GREAT ideas for a "quick sugar".

I have a tendency to overtreat my lows and then spend the next 24 
hours struggling to even things out again.

So if possible, I always take 4 glucose tablets, wait 15 min. test, 
repeat until above 80.

On several occasions, I've run out to tablets (cuz I'd neglected to 
refill my little roll carrier--yes, I've learned my lesson!).  In those 
cases, the choice that worked best was cola (except that it's hard 
to stop at a 1/2 a can). Only once did it take two whole cans to get 
me back up again.  Boy that was some bad insulin timing on my 
part!  (pre-pump, pre-humalog).

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