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[IP] Warning!! MM users, wear your pouch!

It all happened on the big day! Nov. 11 my first Pump Anniversary:

On Friday about 3:00 pm I went to bed to take a nap.  All of a sudden I
woke up in a sweat, shaking, feeling very low, I right away took 2 winkie
rolls (dextrose), then checked my BG 45, did not feel well took another
winkie, ate 2
plates of cholent (Bean soup), a slice of potato kugel, an apple, a
handful of my favorite "chocolate chips".

Then I went to the shower.  Before stepping in, I saw that the reservoir
 is halfway out of the pump oops, [It happened in the last few weeks 5 or 6
I Carefully disconnected myself, took out the reservoir
from the pump, & went into the shower, felt faint twice in the shower, came
out feeling like dying, went into bed.

After seeing in the IP that the MM Pump did over deliver for someone by
itself, I
decided to check my pump, according to the pump it still had 206 units,
looked at the reservoir it had only 120 units, Hey! It's missing """85"""
units [Eighty Five], What?!!!! what's my next step? I started making
calculations if 1 unit dropped me about 40 points, then am I going to drop
3200? [Three thousand two hundred]. If I use 1 unit for 8 grams carb, so I
need 680 gr? [Six hundred eighty], called a friend, gave me a good idea
to drink grape juice, & go have a good party, By that time I couldn't think
of any more food, my stomach was bursting!

My wife took out the Glucogan from the fridge, we read the instructions,
to the instructions it would raise my BG by 130 points, a fraction of what I
need, luckily I had 2 Glucogan's in the house, but I didn't take it, I was
of the nausea.

I managed to push in 2 slices of cake, all together I managed to consume
about 350 gr. of carb, I kept checking every 15 minutes, BG were between
60 & 95 for close to 5 hours, [I was disconnected all that time].

Once I hit a 178 I connected back, Then came the rebound, a 410 at 12, took
6 units, at 4 it was down to 320, took another 4.5 units, at 6 it was 214
took 2 units, at 7 it was 170, Thank God.

I didn't want to go to the Hospital, they don't believe a word the patient
says, and they won't issue anything without a doctor's order.   It would
take them too long to be able to help me out.

My BG are still all over the place, hope to get them back in shape ASAP.

Just spoke to MM, they are sending me a new pump.  It seems that the problem
started because I'm now filling the pump to its' fullest (300 units) & the
reservoir sticks out a little, which can get caught easily.

They also told me to wear the leather case, or as someone in the chat room
mentioned (the early Sunday night chat), to put a rubber band  around the

Now my questions: If I would have been taking Glucophage as a eNurse
suggested to me (for my insulin resistance & weight loss), would my liver
also have kicked in for the extra hundred grams of glucose?
Will I grow more hair in the next few days?  LOL

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Co-Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association

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