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RE:[IP] pump honeymoon

>Is there a period in the beginning when the
dosage is a lot smaller than on MDI, but then increases?<

I think you are referring to the initial start up days on the pump.  Your
total daily dose of insulin is usually reduced by 25% if you have wide
fluctuations in BG pre-pump, or possibly a 10% reduction if your BG range is
always on target. It is individual. The reason this is reduced is to avoid
low Bgs that can be caused by residual long acting insulin in your system.
Most people who have been injecting long acting for years, have some
deposits of unabsorbed insulin from the long acting that hasn't been
absorbing well (mostly unpredictably). After a few days on the pump, your
Bgs may rise because the long acting has been reabsorbed.  Many pumpers find
that their total of dose of insulin is less than pre-pump doses even after
the "pump honeymoon" is over.

Your metabolism changes throughout your life. Nothing is static.

Is this what you were referring to?
Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE

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