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Re: [IP] Root Canals

on 11/12/00 2:01 PM, Pixie at email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a serious question. I have to start an emergency root canal
> tomorrow and have no idea what to do with the bg's. Will the stress of root
> canal raise blood sugars or should I go a little higher bg-wise since I
> won't be able to eat much afterwards? Have any of us had a root canal and
> how'd they handle bg's?  I'm taking 800 mg Motrin for the pain and it
> doesn't seem to effect my bg's. I'm also only eating squishy foods (yum
> mashed potatoes!) until this is taken care of since chewing is not fun.
> I am blaming my D for the root canal since my tooth shattered when I was
> eating beef jerky as a snack instead of a Butterfinger bar <chuckle>:)
> Thanks!
> Pixie
I had a root canal this past Thursday and did not have any problems. I was
in the "chair" for a little over an hour and when I got back home, my BG was
112. I did nit want to risk "crashing", since eating would be a problem
after so I did not adjust anything.

Dx - 1972
MM508 - 5/2000

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