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[IP] Static Alarms

Follow up to an earlier email I sent regarding static alarms with my MM 508.

>>Thought I'd share a recent experience I had with my MM 508.  I've been on
the pump now for about 10 weeks.  During my very first week, I had three A
or E series alarms (can't remember which) on the same day! <<

Well, I tried the new leather case that MM sent me.  It's lined with some
sort of material that is supposed to absorb or diffuse the static charge and
keep it from the pump.  I wore it two days and on the third day had two
static alarms within 3 hours of each other!  Once again, lost all of my
programming including basals and 7-day bolus history.

Called MM again and they are shipping me a loaner pump to arrive tomorrow.
I was told to use the loaner until my pump is diagnosed.  I'm very
displeased with this problem since it's happened to me 5 times in 2 months,
each time losing all of my pre-programmed basals as well as my daily bolus
histories.  Try remembering your basal rates as you rush through the airport
to your connecting flight!  Forget about using your 7-day bolus history to
calculate your adjustment periodic boluses.  Grrrrrrr!


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