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[IP] low bg's and can't we all be nice to each other? (long)

Two items today that I want to vent about:  One is my darn bg's have been
all over the map lately!  I cannot get a good streamline going again, but
my basals are all fine, I test and test them.  Like for instance, yesterday,
I dropped to 31 at about 130am, so I got up, ate crackers and peanut butter,
a fudgsicle, and drank chocolate milk, taking enough insulin to cover what I
over ate.  Woke up at 209, took one unit, checked bg about two hours later,
was 292.  Took another jolt of 1.6 units to bring me to about 130 or so.
Ok, all is fine, I leave to go shopping, bg is 162,  I am safe to drive.
Get done at one store, feel odd, so check, and I am 30!!!  For gosh sakes, I
know I drop when I go to Wal-Mart, but this wasn't Wal-Mart!  Then I drank
my juice, ate a chocolate peanut butter pumpkin (they are gooood), and
walked to another store nearby  after I checked my bg, which then was 97.
Good, its rising, so I can drive after I am done at this store.  I drove up
the street about 3 blocks, and went grocery shopping.  Was in store about an
hour, came out, bg down to 46!!! And its dropping too low at night, but not
consistent enough to drop basals.  Even endo said they were perfect!  Any
Second, and last, can't we all try to be nicer on the list please?  I for
one don't like hearing/reading someone jump down someone else's throat for
stating their likes or dislikes, it makes me feel bad for that person
getting the tongue lashing for stating their own opinions.  Its
disheartening to see it happen over and over.  I don't want to point any
fingers, so I won't, but please, be nicer.  Like it was stated on here just
recently, read your email before you send it, and read it again.  And again!
I am.  And I am not flaming anyone or degrading them, I am asking nicely, so
I am now hitting my SEND button.
Lori A. Willey

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