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Re: [IP] Cancer myths

I found a lot of the "Dr=God" stuff OFF the 'puter as well.  These "Gods"
didn't care anything for us, just cared for the bottom line $$.

Doctors are people too, and they will say what they believe is best.
However, no one is forcing anyone (On the list at least) to believe the MDs
or to disbelieve.

We do have a freedom here that is not apparent in real life sometimes...we
can say "gee, you should change doctors!" but your insurance may feel
otherwise, your locations and such may also be an issue in wanting to see
another practitioner.

I do find the email lists a valuable tool for support, but in no way do I
take all things medical written here or anywhere else as "Law".  Not being
able to drive-in CA, a cardinal SIN--this and other lists give me the
everyday support and friendship I would not otherwise have out here in the
place where one can live next door to another for over 20 years and not know
their name.

If I were to just go with what my doctor thinks is best, I'd be on 70/30 and
most likely on dialysis by now!  I have been the best advocate I've got in
fighting for better technology and the tools needed by me for diabetes

The doctors I've been 'assigned' to by my insurance have been fairly lame
except for one, who is no longer accepting CalOPTIMA patients, so now I'm on
my own with a PCP who is a family practitioner.  Nice Guy, but NOT very much
into diabetes.

If not for the "Pumping" book, and some doctors I've met and contact online,
I'd be adrift and at least I get ideas and such from here...No, I don't have
to follow these ideas, but I have the resource I otherwise would not have.
Jenny Sutherland

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